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Laboratory of electric arc and thermal plasmas

Thermal plasmas are the main research area studied in the laboratory. They are considered as gaseous mixtures partly ionized with typical temperature varying from the fraction of electronvolt to several electronvolts.

The Laboratory of Electric Arc and Thermal Plasmas (LAEPT) is especially concerned with plasmas initiated in the case of industrial devices in various fields: electrotechnics, military applications, and environmental areas. These research areas imply specific theoretical research to built up and to finalize modelling concerning the interaction of a plasma and its close surroundings: solid or liquid, conductor or insulator, homogeneous or heterogeneous

In September 2007, we have organized the eighth International Conference on Electric Fuses and their Applications (ICEFA) in Clermont-Ferrand ( ICEFA is the place where the specialists concerned with fuses can present papers, attend sessions on the state of the art of technological sector, and obtain the latest advances in fundamental and practical research. It provides an excellent opportunity for academic researchers to present their original research dedicated to the study of technological problems.

From June 25th to July 5th, LAEPT (UBP) organizes together with LAME (UO) ISAPA : the First International Symposium on Technologies in Africa (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso) on Electrical Arc and Thermal Plasmas (ISAPA) within the framework of the 3rd Scientific Conference RAMSES.

Examples of plasma wall interaction devices designed in LAEPT: on the left, first model ; on the right, new model.

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